The Fight

Feb 2008 flierAt the end of 2007 a group of neighbors came together to research the particulars of the Latin School Land Grab. The more we learned, the angrier we got.

We met in the Starbucks in the dead of winter across the street from the Latin School and shaped our strategy.

We held a public meeting at the Lincoln Park Library on February 28, 2008 that was packed! The print and TV media reported on the forum.

We had speakers from the community as well as experts calling in from New York where a similar land grab was being litigated.






Tom_tv+textWe circulated petitions and started raising money to hire a lawyer to sue the Chicago Park District and the Latin School under the Lakefront Protection Ordinance. Chicago’s lake front is supposed to be “forever open, clear and free.”

Here are some choice comments from our online petition.

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